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At Live Bands, we book all forms of Opera singers and Tenors. Whether you want to book a soprano, a tenor, a counter tenor, a Baritone, a mezzo soprano, a bass, a bass baritone, a contralto. Several of our tenors are wold class and have performed internationally.

The Black Tie Ensemble is South Africa's leading opera company, founded in 1999. The Black Tie Ensemble is based in Pretoria at the South African State Theatre. Many of our tenors have been a part of the Black Tie Ensemble including the following tenors:

A tenor is a type of classical male singing voice whose vocal range is one of the highest of the male voice types. Within classical solo singing, a person is classified as a tenor through the identification of several vocal traits, including range, vocal timbre, vocal weight, vocal tessitura, vocal resonance, and vocal transition points (lifts) within the singer's voice. These different traits are used to identify different sub-types within the tenor voice sometimes referred to as fächer. Within opera, particular roles are written with specific kinds of tenor voices in mind, causing certain roles to be associated with certain kinds of voices.

Book a world class Tenor with Live Bands.

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