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Oompah Band
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Oompah Bands / Bavarian Bands / German Bands

We at Live Bands book Oompah bands / Bavarian Bands / German bands. Our Oompah bands are perfect for any German beerfest or Oktoberfest. In fact our Oompah bands are great fo any beer festival.

Our top Oompah bands are Bill's Buskers and the Eisbeins. We are the number 1 choice entertainment agent for booking Oopmah bands at the Beerfest for the German School in Johannesburg.

We also book several Irish bands and singalong bands for Beer Festivals.
These incluse: The Blarney Brothers and The Waldorf String Band

Oompah is the rhythmical sound of a deep brass instrument in a band. The oom-pah sound is usually made by the tuba alternating between the root (tonic) of the chord and the 5th (dominant) — this sound is said to be the oom. The pah is played on the off-beats by higher-pitched instruments such as the clarinet, accordion or trombone. Oompah is often associated with a form of popular German music.

Book an Oompah band with Live Bands.

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